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· 4 min read
James A Brannan

A client asked how to call the dlex-layout endpoint using the Axios library rather than the DynamicPDF API's Node.js client library. In this tutorial, we illustrate how to send files and associated data by constructing a form and then using Axios to call the dlex-layout endpoint.


Consider using The DynamicPDF API's node.js client library to make using the endpoints easier (DynamicPDF API - Node.js Client on NPM).

· One min read
Andrew Cochran

Open source client libraries are now available for Node.js, .NET, Java and PHP. Client libraries make using the DynamicPDF API a breeze. We plan to introduce client libraries for other languages, such as Go, over the next few months. Our client libraries will also be available via package managers shortly to simplify the installation process.