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DynamicPDF Designer Solutions

Use the DynamicPDF Designer to easily create PDF reports and documents. The DynamicPDF Designer is a layout tool used to create templates to create PDF documents using the pdf and the dlex-layout endpoints. Elements are dragged, dropped, resized, and positioned in Designer to create a template as a DLEX file. The DLEX file, combined with a JSON dataset, can then be used via the DynamicPDF API's endpoints.
Select from any of the following solutions and view how the DynamicPDF Designer can solve your organization's PDF needs.
Create a contact listCreate a report with a cover page
Create a form letterAdd links, rectangles, lines, and symbols to a report
Create an invoiceCreate an SaaS invoice
Create a report with a subreportFill out a form.
Create a columnar reportCreate an invoice using a subreport
For more Designer examples, refer to the Designer Examples documentation in the Users Guide