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Designer Examples

The best way to better understand DLEX reports is through reviewing DLEX report examples.

Obtain examples using Designer from either the designer-usersguide-examples GitHub project or from the numerous projects available in the Samples folder in cloud storage.

GitHub Project

The designer-usersguide-examples GitHub project contains numerous examples illustrating the many different components of a DLEX document. The following lists the file names and a short description of the examples available in GitHub.

DLEX Document Examples

SectionFile NamesDescription
Documentsimpledocument.dlex, simpledocument.json, Getaway-voaA.otfIllustrates using a custom font and several metadata properties of a Document layout element.
Pagecreating-page.dlex, creating-page.json, coffee.jpgIllustrates using a Page with a custom font and an image.
Reportreport-example.dlex, report-example.jsonIllustrates creating a Report that includes a conditional footer.

Layout Element Examples

Layout ElementFile NamesDescription
AztecBarcodeaztec.json, aztec.dlexIllustrates using an AztecBarcode layout element.
ContentGroupgrouping.dlex, grouping.jsonIllustrates using a ContentGroup layout element.
DataMatrixBarcodedatamatrix.json, datamatrix.dlexIllustrates using a DataMatrixBarcode layout element.
FormattedRecordArealayoutelements.dlex, layoutelements.jsonIllustrates using a FormattedRecordArea layout element.
Imageimage_example.dlex, image_example.jsonIllustrates using an Image layout element in a report and on a page.
Labellayoutelements.dlex, layoutelements.jsonIllustrates using a Label on a page.
Linelayoutelements.dlex, layoutelements.jsonIllustrates using a Line on a page.
LinearBarcodelinearbarcode-example.dlex, linearbarcode-example.jsonIllustrates using a LinearBarcode layout element with a UPC.
Linksimpleurl.dlex, simpleurl.jsonIllustrates using a Link layout element in a report to create clickable URLs in a PDF.
NoSplitZonesoftbreaksubreport.dlex, softbreaksubreport.jsonIllustrates using a NoSplitZone layout element to format a report.
PageBreakpagebreak.dlex, pagebreak.jsonIllustrates adding a PageBreak layout element to a DLEX.
PageNumberingLabelsoftbreaksubreport.dlex, softbreaksubreport.jsonIllustrates using a PageNumberingLabel layout element on a report's footer.
RecordArealayoutelements.dlex, layoutelements.jsonIllustrates using a RecordArea layout element.
RecordBoxlayoutelements.dlex, layoutelements.jsonIllustrates using RecordBox layout element on a page and in a report.
Rectanglelayoutelements.dlex, layoutelements.jsonIllustrates using Rectangle layout element by putting rectangles around other layout elements.
SoftBreaksoftbreaksubreport.dlex, softbreaksubreport.jsonIllustrates using a SoftBreak in a report containing a subreport. The soft break is between the top-level report's name and description.
Subreportsoftbreaksubreport.dlex, softbreaksubreport.jsonIllustrates using a Subreport in a report containing subreports.
Symbollayoutelements.dlex, layoutelements.jsonIllustrates using Symbol on a page and in a report's details.
OtherFile NamesDescription
Using Columnscolumns.dlex, columns.json, columnsubreport.dlex, columnsubreport.jsonIllustrates using a columnar layout in a report and a subreport.

Cloud Storage Examples

The following reports illustrate several different ways you can use DynamicPDF Designer to create rich PDF documents. Obtain any of the following reports from the Samples folder in File Manager.

Report examples include form-filling, sub-reports, invoices, form letters, and several other reports illustrating Designer report making capabilities.

Sample Reports