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Delete Pages From a PDF

Delete pages form a PDF document.

Use the pdf endpoint to extract pages from an existing PDF.

In this example you start with a nine-page document and then delete pages 4-5 and 8-9. To accomplish this page deletion, merge two copies of the same document where the first copy extracts pages 1-3 and the second document extracts pages 6-7. The following example illustrates.


Check out Getting Started and Task Roadmap if you are new to The DynamicPDF API.

Calling Endpoint Directly

The following JSON instructions document illustrates deleting pages from a PDF. It inputs the same document twice, where the first instance only selects pages 1, 2, and 3, while the second selects pages 6 and 7, effectively deleting pages 4, 5, 9, and 10.

"author": "CeteSoftware",
"creator": "DynamicPDF Cloud Api",
"inputs": [
"type": "pdf",
"resourceName": "pdfnumberedinput.pdf",
"startPage": 1,
"pageCount": 3
"type": "pdf",
"resourceName": "pdfnumberedinput.pdf",
"startPage": 6,
"pageCount": 2

Run In Postman

curl --location ''
--header 'Authorization: Bearer DP--api-key--
--form 'Instructions=@C:/temp/solutions/delete-pages/instructions.json'
--form 'Resource=@C:/temp/solutions/delete-pages/pagenumberedinput.pdf'

Calling Endpoint Using Client Library

The following JSON instructions document illustrates deleting pages from a PDF using the six different client libraries.

static void PerformDelete(string apiKey, string basePath, string outputPath)
Pdf pdf = new Pdf();
pdf.Author = "Test Author";
pdf.Creator = "Test Creator";

PdfInput input = pdf.AddPdf(new PdfResource(basePath + "pdfnumberedinput.pdf"));
input.StartPage = 1;
input.PageCount = 3;

PdfInput input2 = pdf.AddPdf(new PdfResource(basePath + "pdfnumberedinput.pdf"));
input2.StartPage = 6;
input2.PageCount = 2;

pdf.ApiKey = apiKey;
PdfResponse response = pdf.Process();

File.WriteAllBytes(outputPath + "/delete-pages-output.pdf", response.Content);
Source: DeletePages.cs

The pdf endpoint takes a JSON instructions document that provides instructions for creating, transforming, merging, and formatting inputs into a combined PDF. Refer to documentation on the instructions schema for information on how to use the pdf endpoint.