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Resources - Global Fonts

Add fonts globally to your account and use anywhere using Designer and the DynamicPDF API.

Add fonts globally to your account if you need to use a font other than Google Fonts or the 14 built-in Adobe fonts. Reach the Global Fonts panel through the Resources/Fonts menu option in the Dashboard.

  • Drag and drop the font file(s) you wish to add globally to the blue Drop fonts you'd like to add globally here button.

Figure 1. Adding a font globally.

The added fonts are then displayed in Global Fonts and are available to all applications used by your account.

Using Global Fonts in Designer


Built-In and Google Fonts

Designer and the DynamicPDF API supports Google Fonts and the 14 core Adobe fonts by default and there is no need to add them as a global font.

Built-In Fonts

The 14 fonts present in most PDF viewers do not require embedding.

  • Courier, Courier Bold, Courier Oblique, and Courier Bold-Oblique
  • Helvetica, Helvetica Bold, Helvetica Oblique and Helvetica Bold-Oblique
  • Times Roman, Times Bold, Times Italic, and Times Bold-Italic
  • Symbol
  • Zapf Dingbats

Google Fonts

DynamicPDF API also supports Google fonts, including Unicode character sets with their respective fonts. The Google font selector in Designer, or IntelliSense, makes selecting these fonts easy.

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Google fonts have the following format.

  • "Roboto" for the standard Roboto Google font.
  • "Roboto:bold" for the bold Roboto Google font.
  • "Roboto:italic" for the italic Roboto Google font.
  • "Roboto:bolditalic" for the bold italic Roboto Google font.
  • "Roboto:100" is for the 100-weight Roboto Google font.
  • "Roboto:100italic" for the ten-weight italic Roboto Google font.