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Create a Report with Cover Page

Create a report with a cover page using the DynamicPDF Designer.

In this sample you create a simple report with a cover page. The produced PDF is a three page report with a cover page.

Sample Project

The report-with-cover-page project is available from the DynamicPDF Portal Samples in the File Manager.

The project consists of the following three files.

  • report-with-cover-page.dlex
  • report-with-cover-page.json
  • NorthwindLogo.gif

Refer to the following for more information on the File Manager and on adding sample projects.

Sample Description

The sample consist of a Page used as a cover page and a Report containing a Header, Footer, and Body.

The cover page consists of a static image, static text, and the ReportedCreatedFor element.

The body consists of a header containing the CurrentDateTime and page number (Page %%CP%% of %%TP%%).

"ReportCreatedFor": "Alex Smith",
"Products": [
"ProductID": 17,
"ProductName": "Alice Mutton",
"QuantityPerUnit": "20 - 1 kg tins",
"UnitPrice": 39,
"Discontinued": true
"ProductID": 3,
"ProductName": "Aniseed Syrup",
"QuantityPerUnit": "12 - 550 ml bottles",
"UnitPrice": 10,
"Discontinued": false
"ProductID": 40,
"ProductName": "Boston Crab Meat",
"QuantityPerUnit": "24 - 4 oz tins",
"UnitPrice": 18.4,
"Discontinued": false
"ProductID": 60,
"ProductName": "Camembert Pierrot",
"QuantityPerUnit": "15 - 300 g rounds",
"UnitPrice": 34,
"Discontinued": false
"ProductID": 18,
"ProductName": "Carnarvon Tigers",
"QuantityPerUnit": "16 kg pkg.",
"UnitPrice": 62.5,
"Discontinued": false

Each data row contains a ProductID, ProductName, QuantityPerUnit, UnitPrice, and Discontinued.

The report produces a report with a cover page.

More Information

For more information on using Designer refer to one of our many tutorials and the Users Guide documentation. Also refer to the Designer Examples documentation page in the Users Guide for numerous examples illustrating Designer's capabilities. Our blog also has numerous tips and tricks for using Designer.

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